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The 2014 Year in Space Calendars are Here!

The 2014 Year in Space calendar -- order yours today!

The 2014 Year in Space calendar — order yours today!

And you will want one! (Trust me on this.)

Produced by Starry Messenger Press in conjunction with The Planetary Society, the 2014 Year in Space calendar is (like its 2013 version) a gorgeous 16″ x 22″ (40.5 cm x 56 cm) work of art filled with over 120 images of space exploration and hundreds upon hundreds of bits of information about everything space. Sure it tells you the date like any other calendar, but no other calendar I know of gives you so much great information about astronomical objects, scientists and astronauts, worlds of our solar system, and daily space exploration history. If you love space then this is the perfect gift for yourself and any other space fans you may know. (Or even if they’re not space fans… yet!)

And, because Lights in the Dark has your back (and its illustrious author is mentioned on the inside front cover!) you can get a discount by mentioning that you saw it on the internet. Order details are below:
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The Coolest Calendar You’ll See All Year

The 2013 Year in Space wall calendar is chock-full of astro awesome.

Do you need a new calendar? Of course you do, the year’s almost over. (And if you’d forgotten, well.. you’re welcome.) Of course if you’re reading this post you’re most likely a fan of space exploration, and so you’ll need a calendar that’s going to entertain your fascination about space for a whole year.

This one is it.

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