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  1. Good blog site here


  2. I’m trying to understand why this is happening now? Is it because they have been good boys and not revealed what really happened on the moon? I’m sorry I can’t help but feel some political ploy behind this. Why were they not recognized years ago when it happened?
    Love Always~


    • It’s probably because 1. they’re old and may not be around in another decade, and/or 2. NASA needs to boost morale in these trying times and is trying to recruit new astronauts as well. Plus they are cool. And….”what REALLY happened”? I can only imagine what you think that might be.


  3. “And….”what REALLY happened”? I can only imagine what you think that might be.”

    LOL, Jason!


  4. I think Nasa has the best astronauts and revealing the information is not in their hands completely they need to handle the political pressure as well.


  5. It is so sad to watch the shuttles basically being put out to ‘pasture’ so to speak. I know it needs to be done but it is sad to see the end of an era. I hope that the new generation of ‘space explorers'; will realize how much we need NASA and all the technology. I’m sure most of the people today do not realize that the technology NASA has developed to run the space program is now what makes our lives easier. If it wasn’t for the space program we probably would still be living like in the 50’s; NASA has helped us move easier into the future.


  6. I’m with Sky… very sad to see the shuttle program come to an end. Even worse, I did not get to see one launch live (was on the bucket list.) I could watch space related videos all day long.


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